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Sonic Labs CEO Sam Walton, center, and founder of The Pirate Bay, center, pose inside the ship as the company tries to sell its new self-driving car company, Blackberry, in 2010. REUTERS/Robert Galbraith/File Photo

By the end of this year, the companies will jointly launch their own private vehicles, and in a few years, both should have more autonomy in their vehicles, according to the group’s CEO, Sam Walton, who in a press conference in February said his company’s company plans to give fully autonomous vehicle-delivered self-driving software a complete upgrade and focus on developing a commercially available self-driving taxi.

But, along with the launch of self-driving taxis that Amazon announced last week, there is talk about the commercialization of the technology in the U.S. as well. The technology will become a reality.

The company launched Blackberry self-driving cars in 2009, with only the self-driving car itself. It has been since sold by Google as well as by Tesla Motors, which has been taking over the self-driving car markets. Last week, the company said it had shipped about 500 units of a self-driving car to consumers in nine states.

The company has also built its own self-driving taxis, but this time in an attempt to make sure that the cars and
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