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A user with low-power connectivity can set the default (inherited) browser-proxy in the Store app. In addition all mobile web browsers will automatically connect using the default browser and then load the app (on each device).

The default WebRTC interface for the Android app will show a message if the user has a lower-power connection. The app will redirect the browser to the available available WebRTC (default) network in this location.

Some specific Android-specific features are described in the Android NDk Reference

The App Launcher is a shortcut for an API that runs outside the user interface. The app will automatically start the app, redirect the browser to the requested WebRTC and then load the App Launcher. With the app already started the app can be opened, so that the user can run applications that do not require special permissions. This should work for most of the Android apps that have special access to the WebRTC, while keeping the user interface as simple as possible.

The user-interface of this launcher may also be modified to allow customization in WebRTC. If no such change is possible the app can be launched using the launcher (after the settings is added with , but do not attempt

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