Chica Feeding Bottle with Handle – 150ml/5oz, 2m+ – CC-22212

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The special feature of the Closer to Nature Feeding Bottle is the physiological teat, which allows you to effectively simulate the physiology of the maternal breast.

If you purchase this product you will earn 31 Points worth of ৳ 31.00!
If you purchase this product you will earn 31 Points worth of ৳ 31.00!
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Super Soft Nipple
Similar to the mother’s nipple, the length of nipple should be extended by twice before sucking.

More Professional Flux
Proper flux from the aperture makes baby drink milk more fluently.

Removal of Coating on the Tongue
Special nipple treatment reduces the creation of coating on the tongue of baby.

Special Screw Ring
With proper elasticity and proper veins, it is more like nipple of mother’s breast

Contact Design
More similar to breast milk increase the natural feeling for baby sucking

Restricts Sticky Surface Processing
Not easy to stick to lips when put it in mouth

Thicker & Wider Design

Maximizes the support to lips and helps suction

Anti-Angina Valve

Avoid swallowing more air which lead to angina of stomach hiccough or backflow of milk

Promote baby’s natural and correct sucking

Wide neck, the shape of areola is very simple, Easy for engulfing, promote the sucking function of lips.

Air flow design

The air pressure inside the bottle is more stable and fluent in sucking even avoid choking milk suffocating and no milk during feeding

  • 0% BPA
  • Natural Flow with Technology Allows 360 Dirking 150ml/5oz Standard-neck 2m+
  • Newborns Preferred
  • Small flow rate
  • Rollover no Drip
  • Breast-Feeding Closer to Nature Nipple

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