Hoinm7 Crystal Diamond Glass Feeder, 0m+ – 240ml – HYM 1103

৳ 725.00


  • Pacifiers: food grade silicone, high temperature 120 C, can be disinfected
  • Dust cover, screw cap: food grade polypropylene, high temperature120 c can be disinfected.
  • Bottle: glass, high temperature 600 C can be disinfected.


  • High heat-resistant glass bottle with no seam, no card milk fouling, easy to clean, high temperature 600c, expansion coefficient of up to 30%, Does not contain any harmful substances, health and safety.
  • Pacifier use food-grade liquid silicone, soft and flexible, like breast-like bulge design, the baby’s tongue can be the same as when sucking breast milk free feeling. Special dual porosity designed to effectively prevent flatulence, let your baby suck smoothly.
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