Ivory Glass Feeding Bottle – 180ml – (0-3m)

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The bottle body is made of glass and has a high-temperature resistance of 180° C. It has good thermal shock resistance. It can adapt to drastic changes in temperature difference between hot and cold, and greatly improves safety performance.

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With soft liquid silicone pacifier, Sucks more smoothly.

Disinfection and cleaning methods


The bottle can be autoclaved and suitable for use in microwave ovens. Other parts can also withstand temperatures up to 100 ° C and can be boiled in water.

First time tips

  1. Disassemble the parts before use and clean them. Put them in water and boil for 3-5 minutes.
  2. The amount of water should be sufficient when boiling to avoid deformation caused by prolonged contact with the bottom of the pot and the edge of the pot.


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