Little Whaletub Folding Bathtub Blue Q/HYHB 005

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Folding silicone bathtub from the toll series with pillow – children’s bathtub, anti-slip mat and sensory toy

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The set of a baby bath with a pillow is a comfortable solution for every parent and toddler:

  • size 89
  • Comfortable shape,
  • Baby bath pillow tray
  • Comfortable and safe help when bathing newborns and infants
  • Hand shower holder,
  • Practical depressions for soap and a bottle of detergent
  • Sensory detachable toy
  • Safe folding lock on anti-slip feet.
  • It is ideally suited for the household or for a trip or a weekend visit to the family.

Dedicated to children from the first days of life.

The bathtub has a built-in anti-slip pad for even greater safety for your child, you do not have to worry about uncontrolled slipping on a wet surface.


Special construction of the legs with a lock, additionally reinforced for even greater safety of your child

Anti-slip rubber on the legs

Reinforced construction of the bathtub on the backrests and on the underside, without fear that the bathtub will not support the weight of a larger child

Designed for children from 0 to 36 months

The bathtub is large, it can successfully replace classic bathtubs and at the same time it takes up little space, after assembly it only needs 7 cm, it fits perfectly between the wall and the washbasin cabinet.

easy to store

Possibility of practical composition of the bathtub

meets all the parameters you need

The bathtub contains a sensory toy:

  • the toy is removable so that your child can play with it
  • it can be used as a cup to pour water over a child’s head
  • the toy can be filled with water and the child can play with it by showering through the holes

Dimensions: Folded (89 x 51 x 9 cm high)

Fully opened: 89 x 51 x 23 cm

SUPER HUGE pot size 89*51*23cm can be used from birth to 7 years old.

Bathtub material: BPA-free PP + TPE plastic, safe and durable

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