Microban Super Lock Anti-Bacterial 5 Pcs Food Box with Air Tight Lid

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Square food box with a lid that can be opened all around and closed with a handle to store food well.

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1. Airtight System And 4-Sided Locked Lid – Water Leak Proof
2. Microban Antibacterial Technology Helps Keeping Food Fresh Longer
3. BPA Free – Free from Toxic Chemical
4. Temperature Tolerance Range -20c to 100c
5. Dish Washer Safe
6. Freezer Safe
7. Variety of Sizes and Shapes
8. A grade plastic, safe to use with food and beverages.
9. Vacuum box Prevent and inhibit bacteria.
10. Preserving food for more than twice as long.
11. Food Storage Container Set with Lids.
12. 120 degrees Celsius heat resistant and -20 degrees Celsius cold resistant.
13. The plastic containers are transparent, making it easy to view the foods inside.
14. Dishwasher, microwave, freezer and refrigerator safe (take out the lid before microwaving)
15. Locking plastic lids with air- and water-tight seals and snap-down side buckles
16. PP Plastic
17. Super seal water leaking proved with silicone sealed fitting lid and 4 sides locker
18. Can keep fruit and vegetable stay fresh and twice last long than normal box.
19. Can keep all kings of smell or odors spray on over refrigerator such durian.
20. Can keep dry food, herb and crispy cookies stay fresh double longer than ordinary box.

Package Contents
-5500ml. capacity 5049 Square food storage container size: 27 × 20.5 x 10.5 cm. – 1 Big container 4 Side lock with Handle

-1000ml. capacity 5055 Square food storage container size: 18 x 13 x 7.5 cm. – 2 Medium containers with 4 Side Lock

-450ml. capacity 5054 Square food storage container size: 14 × 10x 6 cm. – 2 Small containers with 4 Side Lock



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