Seebaby Stroller S02-1

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SeeBaby S02 baby stroller is a premium product of famous brand Seebaby. Collect from Hong Kong with stylish designs. Sturdy design with metal frame with good bearing. Suitable for babies from birth to 3 years old. Your baby can sit and lie down with many suitable positions. With a protective belt hugging the whole baby, the breathable mesh creates the most comfortable feeling for the baby.

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Brand Name: SEEBABY

Model Number: S02-1

Material: Cotton

Frame Material: Stainless Steel

Load Bearing: 18kg

Is Foldable: yes

Product Name: Baby Buggy

Age Group: 0-3 years old


Color: Green

Function: Foldable

Feature: Breathable

Packing: 1PC/1CTN

Wheels: 360 Universal Wheel/ EVA

S02-1 Seebaby stroller baby perambulator

NW 5.5
GW 6.0
CARTON SIZE 260*205*1020mm


The outstanding features of Seebaby S02-1 baby stroller:

  • The chassis is made of super durable, super light alloy tubes, good resistance, safe support for the baby.
  • The Seebaby S02-1 baby stroller has a spacious seating space, cushioned lining, and breathable mesh on the folding roof, creating a comfortable feeling and absorbing sweat well.
  • The back of the chair supports fatigue, the mother can be adjusted to let the baby sit with many different positions according to the developmental stage.
  • The 3-point seat belt covers the baby’s whole body, keeping the baby firmly seated.
  • Large bottom basket for parents to bring water, food, toys … for the baby when out.
  • Seebaby S02-1 stroller can be used for all 4 special seasons in winter and summer.
  • The car has a roof to ensure the baby’s hygiene, shading the sun, covering the rain for the baby, adding nets to help him sleep safely, avoiding dust, flies and mosquitoes.
  • At the same time, the air mesh above is easy to open and close for parents to conveniently observe the baby.
  • The cushioned rear stroller provides a comfortable feeling for parents when pushing the baby’s stroller.
  • In particular, the 4-wheel system is durable, with good friction and smooth motion. Great balance for the car when moving, with latches to keep the car still when needed.

Benefits of using Seebaby S02-1 stroller:

  • Easily adjustable in 3 positions of lying, sitting, reclining for babies with flexible backrest to change the tilt to suit each baby.
  • Folding structure chassis, can be compact to move or carry out, when going away.
  • Parents save effort, can both work and look after the baby without having to carry it on hand.
  • Putting your baby in the car and for a walk is a good way to help your baby explore the world around him, helping him become more flexible and happier.




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