Zhuanzhuanxiong Baby Dosing Deving ZZX 8066

৳ 200.00

Flat nose needle tube design, with the baby oral cavity structure, can reduce the difficulty of the baby.
Let mom feed roll easier and more convenient
Drugs can be directly into the esophagus, the effect fully, achieves the best effect.

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Method Of Use :
The syrup poured  into a medicine cup  cover  evenly adjusted, will  the dispenser  into medicine cup cover
and the cup cover combination,

Sucking liquid medicine dispenser within the tube, the medicine cup cover will not residual any potion.
The medicine feeding nozzle  into the baby’s mouth, a needle cylinder flat position must be pressed on
the tongue above, let your baby don’t

Gently squeeze the tube. Liquid will be along the sides of the vent slowly flows within the esophagus, the baby will not be to choked.

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