In the case of faulty, damaged or incorrectly supplied goods, we may offer you a substitute or replacement product, or we will give you a full refund (condition applied) within 5 days. In any case, you must return the faulty, damaged or incorrect products to us within 2 days in the same condition as supplied such as broken, wrong color or product and torn.

Must provide the order receipt copy while returning the product.

Exchange Process

If you would like to exchange any products, you may:

– Let us know about the products & purchase the replacement products with delivery charge.

Please note that this is subject to availability and is per our applicable policies.

Must provide the order receipt copy while exchanging the product.


If you wish to cancel your order, you may do so by contacting with our Customer Service department during working hours and within one hour of having placed it.

If you paid by credit card or debit card and you have canceled in accordance with this clause then we will reverse the authorization or process a refund transaction (as the case may be) as soon as possible, but we are not responsible for how long this will take to be reflected on your account as this is dependent on bank processing procedures.

ATTENTION: Please note that we cannot accept cancellations outside of the specified periods as the order will have been processed then.

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