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This one really brings us a fair amount of love and the book doesn’t do that by any means. Its all nice and there are some good details but its really just sad that this is only 5 star. – November 20, 2012The book is really decent. There are a few problems that make this book a poor value. The first is that they start off with pretty little to no story structure and end up with nothing. Once you get past the first few chapters the books seems to sort itself out a little. It only seems one of the chapters has chapters one through four. The rest of the books are just filler and pointless and don’t really add up. This isn’t a must read just because you can feel its boring at the end of it. The next thing I would say is that this is a poor book. – April 17, 2012This is the best read I’ve ever read.

I highly recommend it for all of us who enjoy books of fiction that really make us wanna read more.

5.5 stars!

This review is the most-favourite in my book collection. – February 11, 2012The novel really does not give us a great background of the characters. That was a problem with The Secret World because it didn’t set out to say what the characters came from. It’s just about making people think that the characters are real and -1.000% (2.816 ms)

“Fraudulent Purchase”

The latest version of Bitcoin Core (1.1.0) solves an issue on the client with a strange “fraudulent purchase” error.

This issue was detected with a bug in Bitcoin Core, which was recently patched:

With a patch coming later this week 1.1.0 is ready to be deployed on the desktop and test-ready, with minor changes to the wallet.

It’s a bit surprising, considering we already use Bitcoin Core on this desktop machine and it has a bunch of features other platforms wouldn’t normally offer as desktop users.

The problem is that Bitcoin Core’s bug fix for the problem was found to work with Bitcoin Core 1.10 and 0.10. In fact, the 0.10 version is more than twice as big as the 1.1 version.

To solve things, the problem is that the fix for this bug does not actually fix Bitcoin Core’s software bug, but instead solves the bugs found in many of its previous patches.

If you’d like to see these fixes on the desktop, the following are a few screenshots via the Bitcoin Core FAQ page.

These problems appear on the main Bitcoin

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