ABC and 20/20 Need To See THE Bad Dates

Perhaps you have been on an awful day and thought to your self that nobody would ever before believe how dreadful it truly was actually? Well, today they are able to find it on their own! The great people and my friend Jennifer at BadOnlineDates and 20/20 are seeking your terrible Date movie shops to air on television. Most of us have been on dates from hell, and today will be your chance to share your bad go out knowledge about the world.

20/20 is interested within Poor schedules! The ABC Newsmagazine wants to understand what helps make a date lose their freshness? You want to see!

The ABC Newsmagazine 20/20 is using and we seek video clips of times eliminated wrong, the wilder the better!

So the the next occasion your own day minds south, instead of just thinking what you will really publish right here…..think of taking right out your iphone 3gs or digicam and recording everything! Be certain that it’s evident the reason why this is certainly a typical example of a “Poor Date”…you can narrate should you want….you can ask questions ….you can even capture your self too, not just the other person any time you like….whatever is going to make it obvious what exactly is wrong.

It could take some creativeness on your part to pull it off; it probably will not operate if you say “this time is so dreadful i want video clip to prove to my pals what happened!”. Very go ahead and have fun…make it playful! But nevertheless you can create it, the video clip should program individuals that which you experience.

If necessary for tv broadcast identities could be kept private, but 20/20 would like to see whatever you decide and can shoot. If you have ever recorded anything in earlier times, which is really worth giving as well. There isn’t any assurance that what you distribute might be used, although producers will contact anybody whose tale they prefer.

Please don’t stage any such thing though, it should be genuine. Give the videos, terrible go out tales and make contact with information to

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