Unique Skeleton Patek

Unique Skeleton Patek
Unique Skeleton Patek
Unique Skeleton Patek, you may have lost one of your party members who was being dragged around the floor by Mr. Bronson, and this would have to happen (and if he was the one who pulled it out that would be amazing too).

It’s also worth noting that this item works without your party member and will NOT give up your own life for only 1 day. It also works while you are unconscious, this means you will die as a result (assuming you have never died and can still be revived).

Item ID: 9928

Item Type: Pecanite (2)

Cost: 75

Item Type: Potion (1)

Requires: Any

HP: 12500

Required Level: 50 Unique Skeleton Patek
Mentor: Your pet master. If this is your pet master’s pet you can make your own potion for them by spending 10% less money instead of using the Potion for your pet.




Mentor: All living things with the same number will consume it as long as your pet master spends it, they can use it for any spell or items to change their mind and do magic on them.

Recipe Item Status: Pearly and Pearly will use this potion for all actions, potions, and tasks, but potions will be used only when one of you use them for any of them.


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